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We have highly expeirienced artists and admin staff.

Matesu Dube

Artistic Director

Born and raised in the city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Matesu is a founding member and director of Umkhathi Theatre Works, he is a choreographer, a dance and theatre adjudicator. Matesu is a cultural arts educator and an African dance consultant.

He has traveled to Germany, Iran, India, South Africa and the USA attending workshops to hone his performing arts skills. He had telling Collaborations with Charles Rudolph Davis also known as “Baba Chuck” in the United States of America in 2013. Charles was the founding Director of Dance Africa Festival and was also Founder of African Dance Ensemble. Matesu has won the National Arts Merit Award (NAMA) for Outstanding Director in 2017 for the play Warrior. He was again nominated for the same award in 2018 for the play Warrior.

Joseph Ngubo is an artist turned administrator, he is responsible for the administration work at Umkhathi Theatre. Joseph is part of the National Arts Council provincial events co-ordination team. He commenced arts career at Black Badge of Africa in the nineties.  

Maqawe Moyo, one of the founder members of Umkhathi Theatre Works. Maqawe is a professional artist, a great musician, an actor, poet, lead singer dancer, drummer, stage costume designer and tailor. He is one of the greatest talents ever to emerge from Umkhathi, with more than twenty years experience in the arts, he is the pillar of Umkhathi Theatre Works. He is a good trainer in African music and drumming. He started his theatre journey as a junior member of Young Warriors Theatre Company in the nineties. Maqawe has been involved in every show that Umkhathi has performed. He has toured different countries in Africa, the USA and Europe performing.

Hebson Chigodora Ncube is a resident choreographer and rehearsal manager at  Umkhathi Theatre Works. He has worked with the ensemble for 16 years and has travelled to international and regional countries like Scotland, China, U.S.A, Botswana, lvory Coast and South Africa performing in different shows. He teaches and performs traditional African dance from Southern Africa as well as contemporary African dance styles, and has been building his dance repertoire for over twenty years.  Hebson is skilled in both traditional and modern dance styles. He has been nominated for the best male dancer in the National Arts Merit Awards as best dancer.

Fidelis Tshuma, started his performing arts career with Umkhathi Juniors in the late nineties and rose through the ranks to be an accomplished actor and dancer. He has featured in many plays and dance shows performed by Umkhathi Theatre Works.  Fidelis has toured with Umkhathi to different countries that include Botswana, Scotland, South Africa, Cote d’voire and the USA performing. Over the years he has transformed himself to be a trainer for children in theatre arts. He is also a good lead singer.

Martin B. Khumalo, got into the arts in the nineties while at Mpopoma High School, he then joined Khula Arts before moving to Umkhathi Theatre Works where he settled as one of the ensemble’s lead singers and dancers. He is a good actor and who was used as a mascot for the Africa Region 5 Youth Games held in Bulawayo in 2014. Martin has toured the USA, UK, South Africa and Botswana and Cote d’voire performing in different shows. He has a good voice and is a vocal trainer.

Ishmael Muvingi is an all rounder in the performing arts, actor, singer, and dancer. He has featured in the renowned Zambezi Express performed by Siyaya Arts. Ishmael has toured the UK countless times performing and leading workshops in different venues. He has been nominated for the Best Television Actor in the National Arts Merit Awards. He is also a skilled music and dance trainer.

Bekezela Siziba, a versatile artist who carved his arts skills at Imvimbi Arts Ensemble. He joined Umkhathi Theatre Works in 2015 and has improved in each day. He is a good actor who once featured in Zambezi Express with Siyaya Arts when they toured the UK. He is a good percussionist.

Dumisani Sibanda, honed his dance skills at Umkhathi Theatre Works before moving to the capital city, Harare where he was concentrating on contemporary dance at Banyana Bafana. He is a good dancer, he has the required skill that entertains the audience. He has toured South Africa and Botswana performing.

Lorin Sibanda, is a renowned artist based at Umkhathi Theatre Works. She is well trained in theatre arts and a good dancer. She has featured in many of Umkhathi’s shows and has vast experience in performing arts. She started her arts career with Intombi Zomqangala led by renowned musician, Sandra Ndebele. Lorin has toured different countries in Europe and Africa performing different artistic acts.

Caroline F. Mangwiro joined Umkhathi Theatre Works from Simunye Arts in 2012 and over the years has transformed herself to be one of the best actresses at Umkhathi Theatre Works. She is a dancer full of energy to carry the show on any day. She has performed with Umkhathi in the United States of America and Cote d’voire among other countries.

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