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Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. At Umkhathi,  we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.


“they are more than fantastic, with this choreography you will never go wrong anywhere in the world” Baba Chuck Davis, Director Dance Africa Festival, USA


“I have watched Umkhathi perform for many times, but I still want to watch them perform” Motshereganyi Sefanyetso, Director Maitisong Outdoor Festival, Botswana

About Us

Established in 1997, Umkhathi Theatre Works is a multi-discipline performing arts ensemble based in the high-density suburb of Njube in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.


With twenty fulltime members and twelve juniors of school going age, Umkhathi is involved in a wide repertoire of performance art skills that range from community theatre to African traditional dancing, music, drumming, mime, drama, poetry. Our performances are not limited to types found in Zimbabwe only, but as well as those from other different African cultures. As a result, we have the diversity to present the relevant and provocative work of a culturally responsible theatre company.


Umkhathi is also involved in a number of local community programs seeking to relay socially relevant messages through drama, dance, music and poetry.


Since our establishment, Umkhathi Theatre Works has grown to be one of the top performing acts in Zimbabwe, producing performances in all our identified genres that have been well received by audiences in Zimbabwe, the African region, as well as by the international community.


As we seek to reach out to a wide audience in different parts of the world, we have made it our policy to perform in various venues and areas such as established theatres, on the streets and in rural areas for audiences of all ages.

We are also involved in training both children and adults in theatre arts and dance.


Our experiences over the years continually shows us that people love sharing culture, and the arts remain the most fertile ground for communicating mutual concerns with our neighbors. Our use of a wide physical vocabulary has been our most important asset in creating our multi discipline performance packages that can successfully communicate across linguistic and cultural borders.


Umkhathi aims to achieve a united vision in theatre and dance with other artists locally, regionally and internationally.

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